No one with a 4 cyl yet, still trying to find testers etc. I can only speculate on the gains on one, but we'll just have to have someone try to see

Haven't thought of using a massive turbine housing, but if I had a dyno here and some time to test all the different options it would be great to get everything mapped.

It would be even easier if I had a FWD or RWD buddy that installed one as rwd dyno's are all over the place around here, but AWD are hard to come by.

Shoot me a PM with the details on your setup and when you're looking to build it, maybe we can work something out.

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So has anyone used one of your devices on a 4 cylinder? I would think that the gains would be more pronounced with a larger turbo on a smaller motor, because with the v6 with every rpm increase you are flowing progressively more air than a 4 cylinder would in an apples to apples comparison (based on displacement). Or to put it another way your area under the spoolup curve would take longer so your gains would be accentuated.

I am working on building up my 2g for next year (god willing) and have a gt42-76 with a 1.15a/r and this sounds like it would work well with my set up.

I was planning on just using the old standard of nitrous to get things going but this looks promising as well. Maybe we could work some sort of deal out or something;-) I had to try.

I also had been wondering why someone has not thought of this sooner. VGT/VNT is not new by any means.

Lastly had you considered trying this on a really large turbine housing? Basically using more of the device and less wastegate; more like a true VGT? I guess the limiting factor would be that you could only half the a/r with this set up. Still as you scale it up you should see more of a benefit, correct?

Either way this is a great idea.