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Thread: Electric power steering control with AEM EMS

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    Default Electric power steering control with AEM EMS

    Hello nabr,

    Got a 05 STI we are building in the shop and I wanted to see if anyone out there has any experience with using an electric power steering setup, from say a mazda or other platform and what one might have to do in order to control it with an AEM.

    I know on belt driven setups on the STI and EVO you have your wire that controls pressure based on vehicle speed if I remember right. Not sure what all is needed for control on something that is electric so your pressure isn't always 100%.

    So if you have any information or any helpful threads out there you have ran across, I'd be much appreciated.


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    I believe the MR2 system can be run this way. Andrew ran something like it (possibly still does). Any system you use is going to require a few things, 1. Recalculation of the amount of amps your electronic system is pulling and possibly a larger Alternator, 2. The control system that came with the OE car the system came off of so that you can control the pressure.

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